Average triathlon times

Triathlons are challenging multidisciplinary fitness events, combining swimming running and cycling. Many athletes switch to taking part in triathlons from doing a singular event such as running or cycling as a new challenge or to break the monotony of doing a single sport.

If you are currently training for a triathlon event, whether it’s your first or your fifth, you’ll probably want to know what a good average time to complete a triathlon is. There are five triathlon distances that are recognised as standard, meaning that for each one there will be a different average time. However, pinning down an average time for a triathlon distance is not an exact science, as there are many affecting factors such as the course terrain as well as the age and genders of those competing. We give you a rough idea of the good average times for each distance in our triathlon time articles detailed below.

What is the average super sprint triathlon time?

The super sprint is the shortest triathlon distance, making it a great starting point for beginners. As we’ve mentioned in our other article about triathlons. Find out more about the average times to complete a race here.

What is the average sprint triathlon time?

The next step up from a super sprint, the sprint distance, turns up the difficulty for each leg of the race. Find out more about the race lengths and average times for sprint triathlons here.

What is the average Olympic/standard triathlon time?

The Olympic distance triathlon, considered the standard distance for a triathlon, doubles the distance of a sprint triathlon providing a challenging race for beginners and experienced triathletes alike. Find out what the average time to complete an Olympic triathlon is here.

What is the average Half Ironman time?

A Half Ironman, sometimes known as a 70.3 due to the number of miles in the race, is serious stuff! With such a long course there are a lot more factors that will affect average times. Read more here.

What is the average full ironman time?

The Full Ironman is the ultimate test of physical endurance. As one of the world’s toughest sporting events, anyone who can complete this punishing course should consider themselves triumphant! Find out more about the average time it takes to complete an Ironman here.