ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon: Video

The Greater Manchester Marathon is one of the flattest courses in the UK - this also makes it one of the fastest marathons you can run which is great news for getting the PB!

ASICS greater manchester marathon video

This particular event has been going since 1908, and this is the 40th year of the marathon and it is very quickly turning in to one of the most popular marathons in the UK, with many runners counting on their list of must-runs for the year. The route will take you around Manchester and allow you to soak in a lot of the sites, before finishing off at Old Trafford. The event also features some great entertainment as well as medals and T-Shirts from ASICS.

The run takes place on Sunday 2nd April 2017, so check out the video of last year's event and then click the link below to get involved. Fancy taking part? Check out our ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon event page here for all the details!