Runner jumping over an obstacle at tough mudder discount

Tough Mudder Discount Codes and Early Bird

The lastest Tough Mudder Discount Codes for 2019 Currently Tough Mudder have a massive 25% off all events using the code below Tough Mudder Code: MAYHEM19 You can search our event listings to find…
Runner timing a 5k run

What is the average 5K time?

How can I measure my running time? The time it takes to run any distance will depend on your pace, for example if you run at a speed of 10km (6.2 miles) per hour you will finish a 5K in 30 minutes. T…
Runners taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon

London Marathon Video

Since 1981, the London Marathon has grown to become the largest annual fundraising event on the planet! The amount of support and hard work from donors, sponsors, runners and organisers over the years…
Spartan Race Logo Discounts

Spartan Race Discounts 2019

Start off with the ‘Sprint’, a 5k route with 20 pretty brutal obstacles to overcome. Tough nuts can then take on the 13km ‘Super’ and 21km ‘Beast’! And right now, Spartan Race is showing the love wit…
runners taking part in a 5k to burn calories

Calories burnt running a 5k

Watching the number of calories you consume and burn is going to play a big part in your fitness goals. Before you go and grab that chocolate bar as a reward for your 3.1 mile run, you’ll probably wan…
runners taking part in a half marathon to burn calories

Calories burnt running a Half Marathon

Another reason you may be looking to run and train for a half marathon is to lose weight. On average a half marathon, or 13.1 mile run, can burn around 1100 - 1600 calories depending on factors such a…
Swimmer in the swimming pool burning calories

How many calories does swimming burn?

Calculating your calorie burn The exact number of calories you will burn in the swimming pool will vary from person to person. Factors such as your weight, metabolism, swimming stroke, speed and time…
Runner training for a 10k run

10K Training Plan

Training before you head out and take on that 6.2 mile run is really important, not only to help you improve your 10K time and fitness levels but also to avoid injuries on race day. How long does it…
Athletes running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

Royal Parks Half Marathon Video

This half lets you experience 4 of London’s Royal Parks - Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James's Park and Kensington Gardens. With stunning scenery, closed roads and a horde of cheering spectators, thi…
Liverpool rock n roller video

Liverpool Rock and Roller Video

With a route including the iconic Royal Albert Dock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Eleanor Rigby Statue, the Anglican Cathedral, and finishing on the Kings Parade waterfront at Exhibition Centre L…
People taking part in the inflatable 5k run

5k Inflatable Run Discounts

Right now, Inflatable 5k are offering you some amazing deals, if you take the plunge and sign up now.  With a whopping 40% off all upcoming races, dropping the price from £45.50 to £29.95, there real…
People taking part in the Bournemouth Marathon

Bournemouth Marathon Festival Video

“Running as it should be!” is how the Bournemouth Marathon Festival describes itself – and it has a point! Whether you’re after a challenge with the full marathon or half, or something a little less…