Does Listening to Music make you faster?

Does music make you a better runner? Many would argue it can, while just as many argue you should go without. Let’s take a look a bit more in depth and find out what impacts...


Preparing for your first Duathlon

If you enjoy running and cycling, then a duathlon is the right athletic event for you! For those new to it, duathlon is an athletic event that comprises running and cycling....


Men's Health Survival of the Fittest: Video

One of the world's biggest urban obstacle courses has been brought to 5 major cities in the UK by Men's Health and Rat Race. These fast paced 5k, 10k and half marathon...

Runners taking part in the Nottingham Mens Health Survival of The Fittest obstacle race

Top 5: Obstacle Races in October

If you are looking for an Obstacle challenge in October, we have picked our top 5 events for you. There are plenty of contenders in this category so we have narrowed it...


Rat Race Coast to Coast 2016

This challenge is one of Rat Race’s original endurance events, coming back for its 8th year they have now open entries for the event in 2016. You will be ...


Use Google Search to find nutritional info instantly

Do you find it hard to get quick nutritional information? Are you tired of loads of apps, books, websites and more? Google is here to help with nutritional information...


Morrisons Great Manchester Run 2016

Since 2003 the Morrisons Great Manchester Run has attracted runners from all over Europe wanting to take part in this 10k challenge. Interestingly this year will see the 300...


Nutrition for the Best Triathlon Performance

A triathlon is one of the trickiest and most difficult types of event you can try, but the challenge is what makes it great. This race comprises a swimming...


Body Types: What is an Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

If you are looking to gain some mass, or lose some weight, then knowing your body type can help you plan your nutrition and fitness regime to improve results. Read on to find...


Running Tips: How to Pick the Right Running Shoes

If you plan to do a lot of running and training then picking the correct footwear is vitally important. You might not think it, but wearing the wrong type of trainers for...


Colour Run: A Runner's Review

When we got the chance to come along to The Color Run in Manchester we jumped at the chance, being named the 'Happiest 5k' - who wouldn't want a chance to participate?!...

Participants cycle during the Dragon Tour bike event

Wiggle Dragon Ride

The Wiggle Dragon Ride is a renowned cycling event and after 12 successful years it’s become one of the leading events of its kind. People from over 30 countries travel to...