Top five events for this weekend

If you're looking for a last minute event to get your teeth in to this weekend then check out our top five events for the upcoming weekend. We've got running, cycling,...

A woman take part in Muddy Runs Stockton River Rat Race

Stockton River Rat Race: Video

The River Rat Race takes a normal 10k or 5k and adds in a variety of tricky extras - swimming, crawling, jogging and more are all combined in to one fantastically tricky...


Dirty Dozen Races: Video

Dirty Dozen Races provide some of the best obstacle races around and hope by doing so they can help people become fitter and healthier. The course are all designed...


Lakeland Trails: Video

The Lakeland Trails take you on some of the best walks and runs across the Lake District National Park. The events are a great experience for the whole family with races and...


Is my Fitness Tech waterproof?

Fitness technology has never been more popular and due to the way we use these devices they needs to be able to stand up to a lot of punishment and all manner of conditions.<...


Top Five Sources of Protein

Want some ideas to add some extra protein in to your diet? Take a look at some of the top foods we regularly turn to when we need to want to add in some extra protein for...


First week with a Microsoft Band

Microsoft have always had a hand in the health business – and they recently got in to the fitness hardware side of things too. The first Band was a great device and the new...


Viewing your iPhone Fitness Data

Your iPhone has plenty of sensors in it that can track your movement and general activity and it stores all the information for you to look at. But how can you see this...

Male triathlete cycling in the Woburn Abbey Triathlon triathlons

Woburn Abbey Triathlon: Video

The Woburn Abbey Triathlon is an event from Tri for Life  who organise events in memory of Harvey Selby, who set out to encourage people to get fit whilst raising...


Brighton Marathon Weekend: Video

The Brighton Marathon Weekend are two days packed full of challenging events. First, there is the main event itself - a 26.2 mile race that takes you through the sites and...


JCB Mud Run 2015: Video

The JCB Mud Run 2015 was a fantastic event that pushed all the challengers to the their limits. All the runners battled through mud, water and plenty of obstacles to reach...


UK Fitness Events Advent Calendar

We love Christmas as much as the next fitness fanatic, so we have picked 25 of the best fitness events and charity challenges in 2016 for you lucky people. We will be...