How long does it take to walk a mile

How long does it take to walk a mile?

How long is a mile? A mile is equal to 1609.34 meters - now this may make no sense to you if you don’t understand measurements and distance (don’t worry I’m with you on that one!), so to put it simpl…
edinburgh marathon video

Edinburgh Marathon Festival Video

As well as attracting generous crowds of support, the EMF and the half offer real PB potential, so it’s great for newbies and those looking to show off their new time on the obligatory after-run Faceb…
runners taking part in a 5k to burn calories

Calories burnt running a 5k

Watching the number of calories you consume and burn is going to play a big part in your fitness goals. Before you go and grab that chocolate bar as a reward for your 3.1 mile run, you’ll probably wan…
People taking part in the ASDA Foundation Leeds 10K

ASDA Foundation Leeds 10K Video

This course doesn’t just boast brilliant support and a buzzing atmosphere, but also a fast, flat route – no excuses for slacking now! Kicking off at 9:30am on the 7thJuly, prices range from £20 to £2…
runners taking part in a marathon to burn calories

Calories burnt running a Marathon

So, you are probably wondering – how many calories does running a marathon burn? If we consider that we burn an average of 100 calories per mile whilst running, over the distance of a marathon (26.2 m…
Runners taking part in the ASICS London 10k

ASICS London 10k 2019 Early Bird

If the London marathon was a bit out of reach, the Asics 10k can provide the exhilarating boost that only running in the capital can provide! Right now, early birds can sign up for only £45! “We bel…
big fun run video

Big Fun Run Video

This collection of 5k runs is perfect for those of us looking for a relaxed, no pressure environment to get some exercise and have a laugh in the process. There are no times and no competition – just…
Athletes running the Milton Keynes 5k

5k Running Tips

Despite a 5K being one of the shorter running event distances, it’s perfectly reasonable to be apprehensive about race day. To help you out we’ve put together our top 10 tips for training and running…
Athlete timing a traithlon

Average triathlon times

If you are currently training for a triathlon event, whether it’s your first or your fifth, you’ll probably want to know what a good average time to complete a triathlon is. There are five triathlon d…
Training for a half marathon

Half Marathon Training Plan

There are plenty of great reasons to sign up to a half marathon event, including running to raise money for charity, improving your fitness level or taking on your next challenge after completing a 10…
Calories burnt cycling

How many calories burnt cycling?

Whether you enjoy cycling on a track or indoors at the gym, cycling is as good as a cardio workout gets. You’re guaranteed to get your heart rate up with cycling, it is estimated that you burn up to 4…
How long is a full ironman

How long is a Full Ironman triathlon?

If you are looking to take part in a triathlon of any length, you’ll find that races are divided into age groups. This means that you will be competing alongside other male or female triathletes who f…