eating porridge before a 10k run

What to eat before a 10k Run

The food you eat before you begin your race is what will keep you fuelled up, so choosing the right food and portions is key. How much do I need to eat before a 10k? Although a 10k is one of the sho…
Eating eggs and toast before a 5k run

What to eat before a 5k Run

How much do I need to eat before a 5k? As a shorter running distance, there’s no need to do any heavy carb loading for a 5k. A heavy pre-race meal can make you feel sluggish and bloated and is likely…
How long is a full ironman

How long is a Full Ironman triathlon?

If you are looking to take part in a triathlon of any length, you’ll find that races are divided into age groups. This means that you will be competing alongside other male or female triathletes who f…
Calories burnt cycling

How many calories burnt cycling?

Whether you enjoy cycling on a track or indoors at the gym, cycling is as good as a cardio workout gets. You’re guaranteed to get your heart rate up with cycling, it is estimated that you burn up to 4…
People taking part in the inflatable 5k run

5k Inflatable Run Discounts

Right now, Inflatable 5k are offering you some amazing deals, if you take the plunge and sign up now.  With a whopping 40% off all upcoming races, dropping the price from £45.50 to £29.95, there real…
Liverpool rock n roller video

Liverpool Rock and Roller Video

With a route including the iconic Royal Albert Dock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Eleanor Rigby Statue, the Anglican Cathedral, and finishing on the Kings Parade waterfront at Exhibition Centre L…
Athletes running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

Royal Parks Half Marathon Video

This half lets you experience 4 of London’s Royal Parks - Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James's Park and Kensington Gardens. With stunning scenery, closed roads and a horde of cheering spectators, thi…
Runner training for a 10k run

10K Training Plan

Training before you head out and take on that 6.2 mile run is really important, not only to help you improve your 10K time and fitness levels but also to avoid injuries on race day. How long does it…
Swimmer in the swimming pool burning calories

How many calories does swimming burn?

Calculating your calorie burn The exact number of calories you will burn in the swimming pool will vary from person to person. Factors such as your weight, metabolism, swimming stroke, speed and time…
People running on the beach at the Island races middle distance triathlon

The Islander Video

Kicking off with blackwater swim of nearly 2km, challengers will then endure a 90km cycle around quaint Essex back roads. The final leg, a 21km run, is one complete lap of the island. While this cour…
What is the average Full Ironman time

What is the average time for a Ironman triathlon?

If you’ve been training and working your way up to completing your first Full Ironman, you can find a great local triathlon event on our website, plus, having a race to prepare for is also a great way…
What is the average cycling speed

What Is The Average Cycling Speed?

Cycling Conditions The environment you are cycling in has a big impact on your average speed. Your speed in a hilly environment will differ to a flat, smooth surface. If you’re whizzing downhill you’…