Taking part in the might deerstalking

The Mighty Deerstalker Video

The Deerstalker event is a mental battle and the ultimate test of endurance. Hidden in the Scottish Borders, this is the UK’s biggest mountain adventure run, which will take...

A woman timing her Half marathon run

What is the average half marathon time?

If you are looking for a running event to challenge your fitness and endurance, you might have considered training for a half marathon. The distance is a popular choice for...

Runner jumping over an obstacle at tough mudder discount

Tough Mudder Discount Codes and Early Bird

Taking part in mud runs all across the UK can become an expensive hobby! We stay on the lookout for any early bird offers or discount codes to make sure you always...

Runner timing a 5k run

What is the average 5K time?

Have you recently signed up for a 5K event? Or maybe you have already completed one and you’re looking to...

Participants crossing the obstacle course during the Muddy Runs Gung-Ho! Essex

Gung-Ho! - 50% off group bookings

The Gung-Ho! Seriously Fun 5k is…. well, seriously fun! After finishing this, you’ll wonder why giant inflatables are not part of everyrun out there! ‘Final Countdown’, ‘Born...

runners taking part in a 5k run

How long is a 5k run?

For those who are new to running, training to complete a 5k race is an ideal starting point. Hundreds of 5k events take place across the UK all year round, ranging from...

People taking part in the Epping 5k

Early Bird: Race For Life - Cancer Research

Cancer Research provides nearly 300 running events each year in their series of women only races. These events are extremely popular and you can complete them ...

Runners crossing the start line at a marathon

How long is a marathon?

Whether you’re new to running or have several events under your belt already, you’ve most likely heard of the famed long-distance event – the marathon! Several marathon...

People taking part in the Brighton Marathon

Best Half Marathons in the UK

So, you’re mad enough to attempt a half marathon for the first time? Or maybe you consider 21km a warm up? Whatever your experience, it’s the best feeling in the world to...

Runners crossing the start line at a 10k run

How long is a 10K run?

The 10K run is popular amongst both beginners and experienced runners. The distance provides a challenging step up from a 5K but is still accessible to those new to running...

start and end showing distance of a half marathon

How long is a half marathon?

Half marathons are one of the many popular running events organised and attended throughout the UK every...

Runner on the road in winter running

Running Tips: Winter Running Gear

Running in Winter is at its heart not all that different from running in summer really - a focused mind and goals will keep you going, but cold weather and dangerous...