Athletes running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

Royal Parks Half Marathon Video

If 13.1 miles of sweat, blisters and cramps is more your style of sightseeing than an open top bus - the Royal Parks Half marathon may be just up your street! Runner’s world...

what are the Triathlon Distances

Triathlon Distances

If you’re considering taking on a triathlon, you may have already done a little research about the three disciplines that make up a triathlon- swimming, cycling and...


Liverpool Rock and Roller Video

Runners, rock stars… is there really any difference? Not at the Liverpool Rock n’ Roll Marathon on the 26th of May! Run in the steps of the Beatles and...

People taking part in the inflatable 5k run

5k Inflatable Run Discounts

Inflatable 5k does exactly what it says on the tin! This 5k route is littered with challenging inflatable obstacles for you to conquer. From the Temple of Doom to Crash...

People taking part in the Bournemouth Marathon

Bournemouth Marathon Festival Video

You won’t be needing energy drinks on this run as the crisp coastal air will help boost you round this stunning sea-view route. As well as picturesque views, keep an eye out...

what is a triathlon

What is a triathlon?

For anyone who has ever done an event involving one sport, such as a 10K run, and found themselves bored by the end, a triathlon might be the exciting fitness challenge you...

Spartan Race Logo Discounts

Spartan Race Discounts 2019

It’s safe to say Spartan Race knows a thing or two about obstacle racing. With feature timing, global rankings and events that stretch across the world, Spartan Race is ideal...

Runners taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon

London Marathon Video

The 28th April 2019 will mark another London Marathon full of crazy costumes, celeb appearances and thousands upon thousands of runners pounding the streets of the...

Runners taking part in the Stirling Scottish Marathon

What are the Best UK Marathons?

So, you would like to attempt a marathon for the first time? Or maybe you want to gain a personal best? Whatever your experience, it’s the best feeling in the world to cross...

average running time for 10k

What is the average 10k time?

The 10K is a popular distance amongst both beginners and experienced runners and is usually considered to be the next milestone after completing a 5K. If you’re considering a...

People climbing the wall in this discounted muddy run at Total Warrior

Total Warrior Discounts 2019

Calling all badass fitness fanatics! Are your usual running routes a tad boring? Not enough death-defying leaps over fire? Constantly receiving too few electric shocks at...

Runner timing their marathon run

What is the average marathon time?

The marathon is an event that finds its way onto the bucket lists of many runners - from total beginners to athletes. The challenging distance of a marathon means that...