start and end showing distance of a half marathon

How long is a half marathon?

For those who have already completed race distances such as 5k or 10k events, but don’t feel ready to take on a full marathon yet, a half marathon is a great option for getting into longer distance ru…
Runners crossing the start line at a 10k run

How long is a 10K run?

If you are thinking of taking part in an event to increase your fitness levels or to raise money for a charity or other good cause, there are plenty of 10K events organised all over the UK. Before you…
People taking part in the Brighton Marathon

Best Half Marathons in the UK

Your winning moment deserves a winning location, so here’s our selection of the best half marathons in the UK: Liverpool Rock and Roll Half Marathon Why we rate it… When’s a better time to be treate…
Runners crossing the start line at a marathon

How long is a marathon?

The origin of the marathon is said to date back all the way to the Ancient Greek times, when a Greek soldier, Pheidippides, ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens with a message reporting their vic…
People taking part in the Epping 5k

Early Bird: Race For Life - Cancer Research

Cancer Research normally off the early bird prices but it's only available for a short time so grab it whilst you can.  Early Bird Entry Grab 30% off all events from 8th - 15th April using code SPRI…
runners taking part in a 5k run

How long is a 5k run?

How many miles is a 5k run? You may be wondering “how long is a 5k run?”. As many apps and smart watches measure your distance in miles by default, it can be difficult to know exactly how far you’ve…
Participants crossing the obstacle course during the Muddy Runs Gung-Ho! Essex

Gung-Ho! - 50% off group bookings

With events based in 11 locations around the UK, there’s no excuse not to give it a shot! If you are looking to take this bouncy bonanza with some friends you can get a special discount, saving 50% on…
Runner timing a 5k run

What is the average 5K time?

How can I measure my running time? The time it takes to run any distance will depend on your pace, for example if you run at a speed of 10km (6.2 miles) per hour you will finish a 5K in 30 minutes. T…
Runner jumping over an obstacle at tough mudder discount

Tough Mudder Discount Codes and Early Bird

The lastest Tough Mudder Discount Codes for 2019 Currently Tough Mudder have a massive 25% off all events using the code below Tough Mudder Code: MAYHEM19 You can search our event listings to find…
Runner training for a 10k run

10K Training Plan

Training before you head out and take on that 6.2 mile run is really important, not only to help you improve your 10K time and fitness levels but also to avoid injuries on race day. How long does it…