People taking part in the Great North Swim open water swimming

Great North Swim Video

When you see ‘swimming’, what do you think of? Warm sandy beaches and crystal clear water? Community pools with lanes, angry lifeguards and floating plasters (yuck!)? <...

People training for 10k runs and tips

10k Running Tips

If you’ve recently completed your first 5K and caught the running bug in the process your sure to be thinking...


Dragon Ride Video

Sporting wild rugged hills and endless gorgeous greenery, Wales has been reeling in cyclists for years. The Vitus Dragon Ride at Margam Park shows off the rocky Welsh...

Cycling in the Island races middle distance triathlon

The Islander Triathlon discount

‘The islander’ is a unique middle distance triathlon experience and fully immersive coastal adventure! On the 13th of July, Mersea, the UK’s most...

Training for a half marathon

Half Marathon Training Plan

Completing your first half marathon can seem like a daunting prospect, but rest assured that with a good training plan in place, the 13.1 mile distance is achievable to...

Athlete timing a traithlon

Average triathlon times

Triathlons are challenging multi disciplinary fitness events, combining swimming running and cycling. If you are currently training for a triathlon event, whether it’s your...

Athletes running the Milton Keynes 5k

5k Running Tips

With the weather stating to pick up outside it’s a great time to get your shoes laced up and start running! A 5K is a great distance to start with, especially if...


Big Fun Run Video

Big Fun Runs are exactly what it says on the tin – they’re big, they’re fun and they’re certainly going to get you running this summer! This July to...

Runners taking part in the ASICS London 10k

ASICS London 10k 2019 Early Bird

The Asics London 10k prides itself in uniting runners of all backgrounds together in the one love we all share – running! Set in one of the most iconic cities in the...

runners taking part in a marathon to burn calories

Calories burnt running a Marathon

Marathons are popular events amongst runners of all abilities, especially as a way to raise money for a good cause, and additionally as a fitness challenge. Whilst few people...

People taking part in the ASDA Foundation Leeds 10K

ASDA Foundation Leeds 10K Video

Is the thought of smashing that 10k PB becoming too much to handle? Daydreaming at work about crossing the finish knowing you’ve smashed it? This run might just be the...

runners taking part in a 10k to burn calories

Calories burnt running a 10k

If you are looking for an exercise to help you to lose weight and burn off some extra calories, running will put you on the right track! Running a 10K (10 kilometres or 6.2...