exercise helping to relieve stress

How does exercise help relieve stress?

Exercise improves the quality of your sleep whatever time of day you do it, though you should try to finish at least one to two hours before you head to bed. A good night's kip is necessary to wake up…
Cycling faster whilst out riding

How to cycle faster

To combat wind resistance, try to lower your body on the bike and tuck your elbows in. This immediately reduces the amount of your body being exposed to wind and will make you more streamlined Find a…
walkers out in the park

Top 4 Walking Tips

Don’t skip a warm-up Walking may be a low-impact exercise but it’s still easy to pick up injuries along the way, especially if you want to walk fast or walk for long distances. Stretch your legs, ank…
swimming in the pool checking speed

What is the average swimming speed?

What affects swimming speed? Swimming speed is dependent on the physical fitness of the swimmer (of course!) but also the type of swimming stroke used. If you’re looking to beat your PB, the front cr…
people running because it is good for you

Why is running good for you?

So, why is running good for you? Running is brilliant for cardiovascular health. Running even a little bit at slow speeds has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Running lowers your restin…
chopping board with title text across it

Citrus Chicken with Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Serving: 4Prep Time: 20 minutes Nutritional Facts Calories: 439 Carbs: 19g Fats: 27g Protein: 33g Ingredients Salt Black pepper 3 chicken breasts Cooking spray 2 carrots, sliced 1 onion, sliced…
looking at the best foods for cyclists

The best food for cyclists 

Preferences will differ from cyclist to cyclist. While there are some general tips that all cyclists should look into, for some people, no matter how hard they try, sports gels or pre-cycle porridge j…
A swimmer in a pool

Top swimming tips for beginners

Check the timetable at your local swimming pool This one may seem obvious, but ensuring you’re at your pool at the right times can make the difference between a re-energising swimming session and a f…
people exercising to lose weight

How much exercise is needed to lose weight?

Keep it realistic! The most important thing to keep in mind is that exercise should be built into your life to ensure you remain healthy for years to come. Your exercise regime shouldn’t leave you fe…
ride getting cycling benefits

Is cycling good for you

A trusted alternative to running and other forms of cardio, cycling is the favourite exercise method of many of the UK Fitness Events community. If you haven’t dusted off your bike in a while, here ar…
Someone working out at home

How to workout at home

Location, location, location If you’re living with housemates or family, you probably won’t want to be somewhere too noisy or cramped. Because of that, it’s best to find a room where you’re less like…
People doing different exercise

What counts as exercise?

Let’s consult the experts. According to the Cambridge dictionary, exercise is “physical activity that you do to make your body strong and healthy”. That’s a pretty broad definition. Basically, any act…