exercise help mental health

What are the mental health benefits of exercise?

We’ve been told by everyone from our parents, school P.E. teachers and medical professionals about the benefits of doing exercise for our bodies, but we don’t always hear...

Cycling in a sportive

What is a cycling sportive?

A sportive, more formally known as a cyclosportive, is a cycling event becoming increasingly popular, not just in the UK, but internationally in the US, Australia and Europe....

runner holding shin with shin splints

Shin splints – what are they and how can I treat them?

Many runners, particularly those who are just getting into running or starting to increase their mileage, will suffer from shin splints at some point. Whilst shin splints can...

Swimmer swimming fast

How to swim faster

Are you trying to improve your swimming speed, maybe for a swimming event or triathlon? If you are having trouble trying to improve your technique it can start to feel a bit...

holding runners knee

Runner’s knee – what is it and how can I treat it?

As the name suggests, runner’s knee is one of, if not the most common injury experienced by runners. The injury is usually caused by repetitive strain on the knee joint as a...

holding knee in pain whilst walking

Knee pain when walking – causes and how to treat it

It’s not uncommon to experience knee pain when walking, particularly if you are starting to increase the level of physical activity you are doing. There are several reasons...

holding hip whilst walking

Hip pain when walking – causes and how to treat it

Our hip joints are the biggest joints in our bodies, and they are what helps us to move fluidly whilst running, walking, dancing and more! Whilst we are usually able to put...

Runner holding calf in pain

Calf pain when walking – causes and how to treat it

Walking is a great form of exercise, whether you are trying to stay more active, lose weight or just get out and about more. Unfortunately, when we do any exercise that puts...

runners taking part in a 10k to burn calories

Calories burnt running a 10k

If you are looking for an exercise to help you to lose weight and burn off some extra calories, running will put you on the right track! Running a 10K (10 kilometres or 6.2...

The average time for Olympic triathlons

What is the average time for an Olympic or standard triathlon?

Are you taking part in an Olympic distance triathlon soon and wondering what a good time to complete the race might be? With three disciplines covered in one race, swimming,...

What is the average super sprint triathlon time

What is the average time for a super sprint triathlon?

Triathlons are challenging multidisciplinary fitness events, combining swimming running and cycling. If you are currently training for a triathlon event, whether it’s your...

The average time for a sprint triathlon

What is the average time for a sprint triathlon?

If you have your first sprint triathlon coming up, you’ll probably be wondering what the average time for completing this race is. As you may know, triathlons are...