Eating a bowl of pasta before a marathon

What to eat before a marathon

Let’s be honest, running a marathon is no easy feat! 26.2 miles is a long way, whether you’re running, jogging or walking, so making sure you load up on the right food is...

Eating pasta before a half marathon

What to eat before a half marathon

If you have run a half marathon before, or even if you have been training up for your first one, you’ll know that running 13.1 miles is a pretty big achievement! Making sure...

Finishing a 5k in faster time

How to run a 5k faster

Have you just completed your first 5k run? Great job! Now you’ve got the running bug you might now be wondering, “how can I run my next 5k faster?”. Aiming for a new personal...

Eating eggs and toast before a 5k run

What to eat before a 5k Run

If you have a 5k running event coming up you’ll know the importance of training and exercise to get you ready for race day - but have you thought about...

eating porridge before a 10k run

What to eat before a 10k Run

Whether your about to run your first 10k or your 50th, you’re probably here to find out the best way to run your best race or hit that new personal best! Training,...

Runners taking part in a marathon

Top Marathon Running Tips

The highly coveted marathon is an achievement that many runners set their sights on. The event, with a distance of 26.2 miles, is regarded as one of the ultimate challenges...

People running on the beach at the Island races middle distance triathlon

The Islander Video

The Islander’ is a unique triathlon experience set on the beautiful island of Mersea, just 90 minutes from London. On July 13ththis charming little island will...

Riders taking part at the Nightrider - Bristol bike event

Nightrider Bristol Video

If you’re looking for a unique fitness event to cross off your list, this might be right up your street! This untimed cycle across Bristol’s rising and falling terrain...

Runners racing in a half marathon

Top half marathon running tips

If you’ve recently graduated from the 5K or 10K...

in the water at the Water Wipeout 10k muddy run in Nottingham

Water Wipeout Video

Muddy good fun! - That’s how X Runner have described their Water Wipeout ultimate obstacle race – and we couldn’t put it into better words! Tightropes, tunnels,...

Marathon runner lacing up his shoes to train

How to train for a marathon

Have you signed up for your first marathon and don’t have a clue where to start with training? Or perhaps you have already run a few marathons and you want your next race to...


Total Warrior Leeds Video

Calling all UK fitness warriors! Looking for a challenge to tackle this summer? Total Warrior at Bramham Park is offering any worthy contendors a free victory beer...