How to add a Fitness App to Apple Health

The Apple Health app can pull in data from lots of different on board sensors as well as apps. Adding a compatible app is quite easy, but getting it to share data with Health is not so clear, so follow these steps to get it done.

apple heath app

For this example, I’ve gone with one of my favourite health apps, MyFitnessPal. The app allows you to track your calories and exercise daily to keep on top of things and is an app that easily allows sharing of this data to the iPhone Health app. The steps we take are basically the same for any app that you want to allow sharing of health data, so you should be able to follow these same steps with many other popular apps too.

All your health data in one place

So why exactly would you want an app to share your health data? Well the idea is that the Apple Health app can function as a hub for all your sensors and apps to enable you to see all of your health data in one place. This was rather than swapping between multiple apps and services you can see at a glance every bit of info you need.

Adding an app

So how do you add an app to Health? Well first thing you need to do is download the app you want to add. So simply head to the App Store and find an app – there are many that are now compatible with Apple Health and website Wareable has a nice list you can check out for some suggestions.

Once you’ve got your app installed, open it up and go through the initial set up of it. For apps that track your movement data (for things such as runs or jogs) you will normally get a pop-up asking to allow it to access your motion and fitness data. Make sure to allow this so the app can track you properly.

After you have finished the initial setup, you then need to open up Health and add your downloaded app as a data Source. To do this tap on the Sources button at the bottom of the screen and tap on the app in the list.

You’ll then be given a list of the available information sources that app supports – so for example MyFitnessPal shows a variety of sources such as calories and vitamin and mineral intake. You can either switch on individual options or enable all of the information sources.

Once you’ve done this, Apple Health will then be able to display all the information from your chosen app. You can do this for multiple apps, in addition to the iPhone’s own sensors to keep all of your health information in one place.