How to stay motivated to exercise

It’s no secret that the UK Fitness Events team is pretty passionate about exercise. It’s our whole thing. But, as much as we love exercise, sometimes motivation can be an issue. 

stay motivated to exercise

It can be hard to stay consistent, but consistency is key to making long term improvements to our health.

Not every workout has to be intense or amazing or personal best smashing 

Sometimes, you just need to get it done. 

There will always be days when exercise seems like the most unattractive activity in the world. 

But, remember: it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to get done.

Not all exercise has to be a marathon

If an hour of strength training seems impossible, a 10 minute jog is a perfectly respectable exercise too. Set yourself a small goal. Once you get started you’ll probably want to carry on!

Keep track of your progress

Note down your achievements after every piece of exercise, or at the end of every week. 

When you feel your motivation slacking, have a look back at how far you’ve come and how much progress you’ve made. You’ll be surprised at how inspiring it is.

Switch it up

A rigid exercise regime can have huge benefits. However, over time, it can be quite hard to get motivated for the same workouts. 

Try something completely new. At worst, you’ve put yourself out your comfort zone and tried a different exercise. At best, you’ve found a new passion!

Check out the events on our page and see if anything takes your fancy. There’s nothing like a Tough Mudder to force you out your exercise rut!