About us


The Training Begins

Here at UK Fitness Events we have always had a passion for sport and fitness. Whilst searching online for events to compete in, we found it difficult to even find them. It was time consuming trawling through hundreds of websites when all we were trying to do is find events for the sports we love! Then it hit us 'What if all of the events were on one site?'

Ready, Set, Go!

That original thought has lead us here, providing a service where anyone can view our catalog of fitness events across a wide range of sports, locations and providers (including many charities). We wanted to use a clean and modern layout as well as using simple search options, this way you can bring up what you want to look at with just a few clicks on your mouse...after all, the less time you take searching for your event the more time you have to get fit!

What's at the finish line?

Our aim is to create a site that encompasses sport and fitness. In the future we will be launching things such as;

  1. 'Get Fit - This will help you identify gyms and personal trainers to use based on visitor feedback
  2. 'Fit Friends' - A new way to connect, find people or groups in your area with similar fitness interests and then arrange runs, walks and bike rides etc.


We hope you find something that sparks your interest and takes your fitness to another level.